House hunters Nicaragua! Finding your ideal kid-friendly home rental for your family in Granada.

House Hunting Real Estate, Granada, Nicaragua

Securing your first landing pad

Establishing a home away from home for your family is always a priority.  If this is a move you are making with kids, I know that the primary concerns are for safety and comfort.  You want them to have a unique experience traveling and yet not so extreme that their lives feel out of whack.  When your home in Granada feels right there is a direct positive impact on your families well-being and the success of the trip overall.

Securing your accommodations in Granada is a relatively simple task compared to many areas around the world.  Because the city is a tourism hub for travelers, the furnished home rental market took off years ago and has become more abundantly available every year. You can easily rent a beautiful, fully furnished and maintained home that will allow you to focus your energy on your stay and reconnecting with your family.

Considering everyone’s needs

When you fly into Nicaragua and you know that you have a comfortable home to welcome you, anxious members of your family can be reassured that this new adventure thousands of miles from home is going to be okay. This is particularly essential if you have kids that are aware that they are leaving their lives behind for an extended stay or permanently.  It is important that the move doesn’t feel like a total downgrade from everything they are leaving behind in their home countries!  This seems particularly important for kids over the age of six.

Rent for at least a minimum of a month

Without a doubt a monthly home rental in Granada is a fantastic deal superior to any hotel in the city.  When you look up the home rental prices on an agency website, just let your eyes scan past the daily and weekly rates and hone in on the monthly prices.  If you don’t see one, make sure to inquire directly with the agency to find out what it would be.

Renting a home for a month is not only economical savvy, but it also allows your family to rest.  Chances are, there was a whirlwind of stressful activity to make this move possible and everyone could benefit from staying in one place for the first four weeks.

I have rented a vacation home in Granada with Aiden when he was 3, 4, and 10 years old.  It is always worthwhile to ask ahead of time if it is a suitable rental for a younger child.  How are the stairs, access to the pool, breakables within reach, etc.?  You can gather a lot of information from pictures of the home, but not everything shows up in a photo.

Beyond the first month

If your budget permits it and your family is happy with your home rental, do consider staying where you are.  It’s great to nest while you are abroad and feel content with your abodes.  Feeling satisfied with where you live frees you up to really enjoy the rest of your experience in Granada and can also act as a protective layer when things maybe didn’t go so well on an off day or two.

For families that are seeking out a longer term rental on a budget

In past stays here in Granada, after the first month or two, we would branch out to other furnished homes that were off the agency map, saving 50-75% in monthly rental rates.  This strategy requires a certain amount of persistence, Spanish language ability and patience.  It is not going to be the best strategy for everyone and I don’t recommend it for stays of less than six months. House hunting offline can be exhausting and not a good use of family reconnect time.

You may get a hot tip from your cleaning lady (a potential source of limitless support), the Internet classifieds, or just plain old beating the pavement and knocking on doors one by one.  We have done all of the above at one time or another and have been rewarded with affordable long-term rentals in return.

The current home that we are in is perfect for us and it did take me two months of renting with an agency before we found it.  How did I do it? I walked the streets of Granada that I preferred every day and knocked on quite a few of those doors with a smile. One particular exchange bore fruit and we secured a long-term rental home in a great location that was half the price of our previous rental. It is safe, beautiful, quiet and secure and it’s great to feel more settled now.

3 potential sources of home rentals you can book before you leave:

Granada Property Services (GPS)
For professionally managed home rentals there is no better service and selection of fine homes than with Granada Property Services.  I recommend starting your search here for homes with pools and suggest that you email GPS to ask about long term rates if you don’t see a rate listed. Our family has stayed in Casa Flying Pigs, Casa Azul, and Casa Colonial and loved them!  But there are many more family-friendly properties in their inventory.

Granada, Nicaragua, Kids, Pets, families, home rentals, pool, backyard.
Best backyard for families in town at Casa Flying Pigs.

Casa Flying Pigs Top pick: Notable for its large grassy back yard and covered pool that is perfect for families with kids and pets. A few blocks from the center on a quiet street (hard to find that in Granada!). An excellent long term rental be sure to ask about monthly rates which are similar to Casa Azul (see below).

Granada, Nicaragua, Kids, Pets, families, home rentals, pool, backyard.
Our family loved our stay at Casa Azul! It has a secluded feeling but out the front door is the heart of Granada.

Casa Azul Comfortable airy home with a good-sized pool in a central courtyard.  Located in an amazing central location near all the restaurants. Kids love this family-friendly house! The pool is shaded at just the right hour in the early afternoon to give you relief from the sun.

Casa Vega Home Rental GPS Granada Nicaragua Real Estate, Family, kids, pool
Casa Vega really dazzles and it is a quiet oasis with amazing ventilation.

Casa Vega  Alright, this is a pricier home, but it is a wow! home that is great for larger families or two families sharing. Four bedrooms, 1 block from the Calle La Calzada with an incredible pool and dining area. Gorgeous views of Volcan Mombacho and the Cathedral from the airy second story. Right in the heart of the historic center but so well insulated by thick adobe walls that you wouldn’t know it.

VRBO Granada

Granada, Nicaragua, Kids, Pets, families, home rentals, pool, backyard.
Condos Hotel Xalteva is kid friendly with surprising space and a good-sized pool.

Condos Hotel Xalteva Spacious units with kitchen and two bathrooms complemented by a seriously pleasant and picturesque backyard and family sized pool. Located in a fantastic central location with terrific views of the Cathedral and Volcan Mombacho.

Casa Buena Vida is roomy with a nice pool.

Casa Buena Vida An airy, comfortable home that sleeps eight with a pool near Iglesia La Merced. Excellent value for the monthly rental rate!

Airbnb Save $15 on your first Airbnb Rental with this link

Granada, Nicaragua, Kids, Pets, families, home rentals, pool, backyard.

Casa Sonrisas Comfortable rooms in a historic, colonial home one block from Calle La Calzada and near all the action. Attentively hosted by the Walsh family who make great efforts to help guests (including families with small kids) enjoy a successful stay in Granada.

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