Utilizing the Granada summer camps for kids to transition into a new school

summer camp granada nicaragua sacuanjoche school

Our Approach to Granada

Before our family moved to Granada, we were already living in the north of Nicaragua, well into our third year.  We were homeschooling at the time, partly because we always had homeschooled and also because we lacked a viable alternative in that area.

In Granada, I wanted Aiden to have the chance to meet some of the local kids and the experience of going to 5th grade at a bilingual school, but I first scheduled some transitional months in Granada for him to acclimate at his own pace before the school year began.

We arrived to Granada in May and booked a beautiful vacation home with a backyard and a pool on a quiet street.  I wanted to create a positive, no pressure first impression.  Instead of jumping right into anything, we played tourist to get a feel for what Granada was all about and reconnect as a family.

This vacation time was well spent.  We explored, ate out, swam every day for a month and overall felt healthy and reinvigorated building up positive memories to fall back on when we needed them.

In June, we moved to another amazing, colonial vacation home with a pool (keeping up morale!).  And for this month, we introduced Aiden to Sacuanjoche International School by enrolling him in their week long summer camps to meet other kids and have a peek inside a local, bilingual school.

summer camp, Sacuanjoche International School, Granada, Nicaragua, kids, travel, bilingual school, Spanish, English, immersion, familyIt was a really great choice.  Aiden did four weeks of various themed camps: Spy Camp, Mad Science Camp, Space Camp and Dino Camp.  He had a blast doing a lot of entertaining activities in two languages and there wasn’t a day that he didn’t want to go. 

He was able to meet some kids his age at camp who attended year round, which gave him confidence to go back for the formal school year. There were also quite a few visiting students who were hanging out in Granada that summer that joined in the camp. The camp leaders were really great at bringing the returning students and newcomers together as a group and gave Aiden a good feeling for the school.

In August, we made our move to Granada permanently and Aiden started the fall semester at Sacuanjoche that same month, which I write more about here.

If you are interested in having your child attend a summer camp at Sacuanjoche in 2017 there is now more information here! The camps are super affordable ($25 per student per week).  You can also visit the Sacuanjoche International School  website to get in contact with the school directly or email Tania Garay at tgaray@granadainternationalschool.com.

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