Kid’s Pottery Classes With Pro-Potter Misael Torres in Granada, Nicaragua.

World Schooling, Granada, Nicaragua, Art, classes, family, kids, travel, things to do, recreation, wok & Roll,A private kid’s pottery lesson with a professional Nicaraguan potter is another awesome activity that your children can enjoy in Granada. Misael Torres is an enthusiastic and patient teacher who gives lessons in Granada and at Laguna de Apoyo. Your child takes the wheel for $5 an hour while Misael gives gentle suggestions on how to manipulate the clay into form.

Inside the artist’s studio in Granada, Nicaragua at Wok&Roll

I was really surprised how much Aiden and his friends have taken to pottery.  Anytime I bring up the prospect of going he’s half way out the door.  The Granada location at Wok&Roll restaurant on Calle La Calzada is fantastically dreamy and cool.  It’s a sort of fusion, Latin / Asian architectural scheme that takes you away from the intensity of the street outside (famous for its pedestrian traffic and eateries).

Alternatively, Misael’s studio in nearby Laguna de Apoyo is right out front of the Laguna Beach Club which works swimmingly well for a full day out for the family dipping into the laguna at Caterina.  He varies between the two locations, but is always ready for a lesson somewhere.

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