Kids love an air-conditioned crafts spree at Gonper in tropical Granada

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Activities for rain or too much shine…

I write about weather a lot, but when you live in Granada weather is something that you will notice and you will have to form your strategies of how to keep your family comfortable and entertained despite extreme heat or a rainy day.

Many homes in Granada do not have air conditioning or residents are hesitant to use air conditioners because of exorbitant electricity costs in Nicaragua.  There are also very few businesses in Granada that use air conditioning for the same reason.

So trust me, we know each business that does keep the air flowing and on a sweltering day, I can make up a good excuse to head to one of them.

A great air-conditioned destination for kids in Granada is our local crafts and school supplies store called Gonper.  It’s not a huge store but it does have a lot for kids to check out.  I took Aiden and his friend there recently on a super hot day and gave them a budgeting challenge to make an event out of the trip.  I assigned them a set amount of funds to spend at Gonper in US dollars for a project and they needed to work out between themselves how to invest it and what projects they would do, shared or individually.

granada nicaragua kids things to do crafts art
Stickers, charms and googly eyes

Prices at Gonper are in córdoba so it gave them a mini exercise in estimating conversion rates to make sure they were staying within budget.  They figured out early on that they wanted to do different projects but could share a cheap glue gun to build them.  They spent quite a bit of time cruising around the store together looking at materials. Finally they came up with the goods that Aiden needed to design his own board game and for his buddy to build a model home using craft wood supplies.

They were slightly over budget in the end but then my Gonper card (highly recommended) which saves 10%-15% came in handy and brought them back into good standing.  They were really excited to go home and put their ideas into action! With a couple of area fans and cold smoothies, the projects and the afternoon turned out really great.

granada nicaragua kids things to do crafts art
A plan comes into fruition.

Your destination for school supplies, too!

Gonper by the way, is also full of all manner of school supplies and it’s actually really cool to see what styles are attractive or available to another culture.  The notebooks are especially a lot of fun (Aiden was thrilled to find that they had Plants vs Zombies notebooks and all kinds of other popular themes).  The school and art supplies are significantly cheaper than back home, as well (I love that Nicaragua does not put sales tax or import taxes on any education supplies or books).

So when you are racking your brain for something to do and you want to get your kids off the screens don’t forget to keep Gonper in your arsenal of ideas.  It is a great activity for a play-date and you can keep the budget super low – the kids will still find materials to do something even on a $5 shopping spree.

Gonper storefront Granada
You can’t miss it!

Finding Gonper librería

Go down Calle Atravesada (which turns into Calle El Comercio) until it meets Calle Consulado and you will see Gonper’s two-story blue and white building right there on the corner.  Opening hours are Monday through Friday 8:30- 5:30 pm, Saturdays 8:30-12:30 pm, closed Sundays.

The Gonper discount card costs $5 and then gives you 10% off every day and 15% off on Tuesdays. Also this card awards you 10% off at Telepizza.  Gonper will take your picture for this card and you can pick it up a few days later at the store.

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