Aiden digs the boy’s boot camp basketball training in Granada, Nicaragua

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Friendship. Health. Immersion.

Sports programs in Granada, Nicaragua are a great way for young newcomers to meet other kids and have a Spanish language immersion experience.  The experience of playing sports is somewhat universal, but it’s also bound to be different based on geography, culture and economics.  Granada supports mostly youth soccer and baseball teams, but there is a growing interest in organizing a basketball league for tween boys, as well.

Aiden has started to train with a small but dedicated group of boys ages 10-12 who are interested in an intensive workout experience under the guidance of Michael Campbell, an excellent coach and a former professional basketball player for the Masaya selection here in Nicaragua.  The boys are very friendly and supportive and about half are bilingual and from other countries.  It’s an awesomely diverse group where everyone fits in if they want to play ball.

Timing is everything with kids.

One year ago, Aiden was not interest in the team when I asked him if he wanted to play and I know that then he wouldn’t have taken to the boot camp style drills that Coach Micheal runs for the whole training session three times a week.  But now Aiden is very interested in exercise and strength training, loves the hardcore workout, and even comes home and does more.

The team is not competing because there aren’t any other teams around in Granada but if we get enough kids involved we’ll be organizing the league before long.  For now, the workouts are getting the kids into amazing shape and the best part is that they are happy to do it and want to come back each week.

The sessions run Tuesdays from 3:30 to 4:45, and Thursdays and Fridays from 4:00- 5:15 at the Polideportivo Gymnasio near the Japanese Hospital here in Granada off of the highway to Masaya.  The gym while not well-cleaned, is astonishingly cool.  The ceilings are incredibly high and the ventilation is fantastic.  But do expect your boy to come home with a drenched shirt anyway!

The class is $15 a month and will run year round (June, July and August are school months here in Nicaragua).  Feel free to contact me if your son is interested in the training sessions.  It is not necessary to have any prior experience and any child that hasn’t been training will catch up in a few weeks of the sessions and will feel really great about what they have courageously accomplished in a short amount of time.

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