Disconnecting from busy life in Granada and reconnecting with Aiden at Selva Negra in Matagalpa, Nicaragua.

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Have you ever had that feeling like you are missing your child even though they are right there under the same roof?  That time was slipping through your fingers and with it a thousand chances to reconnect with your family? Sometimes we can bridge the divide in a moment, a shared joke, game or activity and sometimes you want to do something drastic and just grab a chance to get away from it all.

Even here in Nicaragua where life moves more slowly for many and there should be more time to spend with our kids, it’s easy to slip into old distances. Projects, work, school, social networks; you can fill up a schedule anywhere if you are inclined to doing it.  And let’s face it, I know that for us, we’re kind of trained to design our lives that way.

Even here in Granada, you might sense after awhile the busyness creeping back into your lifestyle, that habit of pushing out to the edges of your daily itinerary. The rush and the stress that you wanted to leave behind can get recreated in the land of lakes and volcanoes, too.  

That is when I am compelled to shut it all down for a few days and get back to nurturing the family closeness that is only achievable when our total attention is focused on them.

Aiden and I had that chance over spring break (Semana Santa). I blocked out a few days for us to go against the tide of beach goers and head to the coolness of a Matagalpan mountain resort called Selva Negra. There we disconnected from the Internet, the house and our network and took the time to reconnect with each other.

It was fantastic. We took to the trails and hiked and hiked for two days. Probing deep into pristine forest, we inhaled the freshest mountain air and joked around as the layers of stress were peeled away. We became lighter and funnier as the trip wore on until we were just plain good company, again.

It was heartening to remember how important we are to each other and why this time to build important memories is now.  It gave us something to hold on to when the rush set back in again during our normally busy weeks.

How to get there: Selva Negra is located in the Department of Matagalpa about four hours out of Granada. The two important roads that you need for your route are now in fantastic condition, both the Panamerican Highway and the Highway from Sebaco to Matagalpa.

You will be driving in mountainous conditions however, so if your kids get easily car sick, grab some “Gravol” a brand of kid’s chewable medicine for nausea at the pharmacy or La Colonia supermarket. It does work wonders.

Cost: You must fill out a reservation request on the hotel website for a price quote and it is worthwhile to check the special offers on their site for discounts on accommodation or activities according to the season.

Recommended activities: Horseback riding ($5 for 1/2 hour) and trail trekking (free).

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