About Me

I am Kelly and my goal with this blog is to share my journey as a mother living in Granada, Nicaragua.

How it all started

I have a long history with Nicaragua and feel that in some ways I know it well and in others ways, I am constantly exploring new aspects of living here.

I arrived in 2003 as a United States Peace Corps Volunteer in the field of agriculture and served in the north of Nicaragua in a rural community.  Since then, I have come back and forth with my family for many years visiting for long stretches of time and watching all the developmental changes that have made the country more inviting as a tourism destination and a home abroad.

When we turned our lives upside down

Back home, we would have the sense that Aiden’s childhood was flying by and there was so much that we wanted to explore with him around the world.  The speed of life in the United States and the disconnect between family members spending entire days apart propelled us to seek out an alternative solution.

In 2013, we decided sell our house and to move from Charlotte, North Carolina with our son, Aiden who was eight at the time, to live full time in Nicaragua.  We aimed to spend more time together as a family, to homeschool in a new environment and for our son to get to know his Nicaraguan roots.

First move: Somoto, Nicaragua.

Initially, we made that move to Somoto, Nicaragua near where I had served in Peace Corps.  Unfortunately, for us this was not a great place for us to establish ourselves in a new country.  We felt disconnected from many essential services and missed the diversity of different kinds of people and foods.

When at first you don’t succeed, try, try until you get to Granada…

We struggled for two + years to see if we could make it work but it never felt right.  Then we decided to try a final experiment in Granada, which I hoped would have enough of what we needed to feel healthy, happy and at home in our environment.

Sincerely, I only wish that we had tried earlier!

It was within reach, and now thank goodness we are here.  Aiden and I at Lake Cocibolca.

As I hope to share with you all through this blog, Granada has it all. Grace, beauty and pride.  Grocery stores, restaurants and fabulous housing!

Granada is an ideal location for day-trips, recreation spots and cultural activities.  We also found a wonderful school for Aiden that introduced us into a wider community of families from all over the world.

So we are finally living the life that we had planned to live when we left Charlotte.  See what it is all about as you explore these posts.  Ask questions and let me know what is on your mind.  I will keep posting articles to help families have a successful stay or move to Granada based on your needs!

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