Turning a border run into a family retreat! Check out the Andaz Peninsula Papagayo Resort, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

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If you are planning a border run to Costa Rica to renew your Nicaraguan tourist visa or are living in Costa Rica and heading up north to do a Nicaraguan border run, you definitely need to be aware of Hyatt’s beautiful Andaz Peninsula Papagayo Resort property in the region of Guanacaste and 45 minutes away from Liberia.

We have vacationed at Andaz Peninsula Papagayo Resort twice and it was an amazing experience that restored us physically and mentally by helping us to step out of our normal routines into a slower, more natural environment.   Each stay was full of healthy reconnecting activities for our family that left us feeling renewed and recalibrated and I hope that this stunning venue of a retreat works the same magic for your loved ones, too.

Beach entry pools are great for little kids who are new swimmers!

Andaz Peninsula Papagayo fully accommodates the needs of families.

Our son loved the beach entry pools complete with pool toys (and excellent complementary sunscreen), kid’s menus full of yummy, healthy selections that he gladly consumed, two private beaches with open access to snorkeling and water sport equipment, complementary daily minibar treats, meet-up events for kids and families and the Cambi Kid’s Club full of toys, activities and games.

A last swim at dusk.
Okay, maybe build-your-own cupcakes aren’t totally healthy, but the roasted pineapple to be shared by the whole family is delicious and good for you!

We loved choosing from three restaurants on site and also an excellent and convenient room service menu (Aiden loved the steamy bowl of chicken soup sent to the room).   It was also easy to look forward to visits to the fitness center followed by retreats to a steam room or hot tub. 

A natural environment is so healing!

Perched up high in the trees among the Howler monkeys is a full service spa and yoga/ meditation space where frenzied minds can unwind and destress.  The view from the top was a daily mini-retreat in itself. Take the steep climb up and reward yourself with a cold glass of infused water and a quiet minute to yourself overlooking the peninsula.

Watch where you step!

There is wild life everywhere!  From the trusting iguanas that sunbathed in our path, and the monkey calls that boomed out at dusk to our porch, to the beautiful tropical fish that we spied while snorkeling, we felt that we were totally immersed in tropical Costa Rican nature.

It is purposefully very dark at Andaz Peninsula Papagayo at night with minimal lighting between property amenities. Andaz greatly respects the habitats of the animals and so supplies each room with a flashlight to meander around the property to keep the ambiance friendly to the ecosystem around you.

For that matter, each guest is loaned a trendy sun hat, flip flops and beach bag to feel cozier at Andaz, as well.

Rooms that invite the outdoors in with breathtaking views

All the rooms are beautiful at Andaz.  We were immediately aware of all the key elements of stone, wood, plants and water around us with direct access and breathtaking views to the outdoors from each room.  I also admire the signature upscale Hyatt lighting that allows you to fine-tune the ambiance in your space to your preferred radiance.

Second story rooms have super views of Culebra Bay.
Yes, you can shower with a mutual full view of nature with Lather organic toiletries.  The bamboo shower gel smells totally amazing.

If you are wondering if it is worth it to upgrade to a suite, our experience is that these Hyatt suites are definitely designed to wow you. We did one of our stays in a suite which was gorgeous, spacious and inspiring with a fantastic view of Bahia Culebra.  At 5:30 am, we could listen to the Howlers wake up and watch the sun coming up over the bay through walls that were glass from floor to ceiling.  Just amazing.  We have also stayed in two standard resort rooms which were also very luxurious and unique (one of the rooms had a shower that opened out onto the porch with a view to the trees).  I would bet that each room at Papagayo is winning in its own way.

I love to kayak and it’s really fun to wake up each morning to take a spin around the bay.

The Papagayo Peninsula location is somewhat secluded.  I wouldn’t go there with the intention to venture out to other destinations.  It really is the destination.  However, the Four Seasons is a sort of sister hotel a few minutes away that connects with Andaz through complementary shuttle transport if you want to try a different menu and beach for the day.  For us, and especially for my son who loves to nest in a hotel for at least four days, it was more desirable for these particular stays to recreate onsite and not think up an ambitious adventure for the day.

We personally have stayed 3 nights on one stay and four nights on another.  Four nights really do allow you to unwind that much more and get settled into the stay but three night were heavenly, as well.  Whichever you choose, you are going to feel so much better coming out of the experience then you did going in.

retreat, Granada, Nicaragua, Beach, Guanacaste, Liberia, Hyatt, family, Kids, travel, visas, immigration, free night stay

Spending that Hyatt Visa credit card free stay…

By the way! For our readers out there that collect miles and points and keep the Chase Hyatt Visa credit card, you’ll love that Andaz Papagayo was retargeted as a Category 4 hotel as of 2014, so your anniversary free stay from your card works perfectly here!

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