Where will the kids go to bilingual school in Granada, Nicaragua?

Sacuanjoche International School Granada Nicaragua

Choosing where your kids go to school, whether it be for one week, six months or a year is probably one of the most important decisions you will make about your stay in Granada. It is a universal worry that every parent wants to get right. Honestly, I understand that having a child in tears every morning before an eight o’clock bell is traumatic for the whole family.  When the children are happy at school with new friends, everything else in the move flows more easily.

We chose Granada International SchoolGranada International School at a Glance Nicaragua

My son Aiden is a 6th grader at Granada International School (formerly Sacuanjoche International School) and I myself have spent a good deal of time volunteering in various areas of the school. I feel that we are very fortunate to have discovered GIS in our move to Granada. The bilingual, educational experience has been invaluable and it has also introduced us to a diverse community of families from all over the world that share similar values and goals for our kids.

When I recommend Granada International School to newcomers, I do so with the sincere belief that I am recommending a healthy, vibrant, caring atmosphere that has the interests of your child’s well-being and future at heart.  But it is more than that.  The Granada International community also cares and is conscious about the kind of world that all our kids will be living in. Continue reading “Where will the kids go to bilingual school in Granada, Nicaragua?”

Reconnect through volunteering in Granada, Nicaragua

volunteer granada nicaragua sacuanjoche international school

Why volunteer in Granada, Nicaragua?

Granada, Nicaragua is an ideal location for volunteering for your whole family:  it is beautiful and safe, well-located next to many day-trip attractions, full of quality home rentals and is host to many worthy organizations that are doing meaningful front-line social work with children and families.

Volunteers from around the world arrive year round to offer their time and skills to non-profit organizations that require no program fees to participate.  Families with small and grown children spend days, months and sometimes up to a year immersing themselves in Nicaraguan life, culture and language while finding personal satisfaction dedicating their work hours to their volunteer projects.

What about the Spanish?

Most volunteers find that language is not a barrier to volunteering.  Spanish language skills can be greatly improved with daily lessons.  Other languages, particularly English, are so helpful to many Nicaraguan students who are dedicated to learning a second language to improve their job prospects.

How to get started

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