Recommended Resources

Throughout the years living in Nicaragua, I’ve tried a lot of products and services to try to make our lives healthier and happier, more economical and ecological and sometimes even just easier! On this resources page, I’ve made a list of products and service that help visitors and residents to feel more comfortable visiting, travelling and living in Nicaragua.

Allianz Travel Insurance

Our family always plans for emergencies with good travel insurance. Good thing, because we have made two big money-saving claims with unavoidable trip delays. Read my review of Allianz’s trip protection which features free premiums for kids and up to 365 days of travel insurance per trip. Great for epic Nicaraguan adventures.


Nicaragua Immersion is a trip planning agency owned and managed by long-time traveler and volunteer Martha Nieset. Martha’s expertise is in creating a personal, customized experience for the first-time traveler to Nicaragua. She caters to families with young children, single moms, couples, homeschoolers and worldschoolers.

The 4 Hour Workweek Live Anywhere, Granada, Nicaragua, Travel, Family If you are trying to figure out how you can take a week, month or year out of your life to make it to Granada to spend more time connecting with your family, start with Timothy Ferriss’ The 4-Hour Workweek, one seriously epic guide on how to travel freely while earning money without being tied to a specific location at that moment.

Granada has a lot of creative income earners, the first thing to getting started is thinking differently in the direction that you want to go!, start a blog, logo

Want to blog about your travels? I use to make things easy and economical. streamlines the publishing process (you don’t need to code anything or find a host) and registers your unique domain for you when you sign up.


Vitacost Health and Beauty Products

If you value having access to organic products and quality vitamins and supplements then you’ll love using Vitacost while you live in Nicaragua. With Vitacost, you can order all your favorite products that you use in the United States and they will mail you a package by DHL ground shipping to your house here in Nicaragua (or anywhere in the world) for $9.99.  

ZenMate VPN

My favorite online trick for virtually appearing in the United States is using ZenMate VPN  There are a number of American services like online banking and Amazon Prime Video that work better if I appear as if I am in the United States. I use  ZenMate VPN to instantly make my ISP address appear American instead of Nicaraguan.

Magicjack Go, your American phone number in Nicaragua!

Granada, Nicaragua, Travel, Family, United States phone number,Do grab a Magicjack Go device before you head out to Nicaragua. This small piece of technology gives you an American phone number that receives or makes free calls to the US on any house phone, cellphone or computer (even all at the same time). Essential for calling 1-800 numbers, particularly with banking.

The Children’s Place

My favorite online retailer Aiden’s school uniform apparel is The Children’s Place.  The Children’s Place uniforms are 100% cotton, well-cut and presented and hold up well for the whole school year- even drying outside in the fierce Nicaraguan sun.

Border Runs

Andaz Penisula Papagayo Resort Costa Rica Collage
Although our family has residency in Nicaragua now, we still enjoy crossing over the border into Guanacaste, Costa Rica to head to the beach.  Andaz Peninsula Papagayo Resort is our favorite family retreat spot and you can read my review of it here.