Recommended Resources

Throughout the four years living in Nicaragua, I’ve tried a lot of products and services to try to make our lives healthier and happier, more economical and ecological and sometimes even just easier! On this resources page, I’ve made a list of the products that have truly helped my family to feel more comfortable in Nicaragua.

Please note: many of these links are affiliate links so if you purchase any of these items through the links on this page, I make a small commission that is used to keep Granada Family Living running. Using one of my links does not add to the cost of the product you are buying and you have my sincere thanks for keeping Granada Family Living online! 

Border Runs

Andaz Penisula Papagayo Resort Costa Rica Collage
Although our family has residency in Nicaragua now, we still enjoy crossing over the border into Guanacaste, Costa Rica to head to the beach.  Andaz Peninsula Papagayo Resort is our favorite family retreat spot and you can read my review of it here.

Vitacost Health and Beauty Products

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If you value having access to organic products and quality vitamins and supplements to keep your family healthy, you’ll love using Vitacost while you live in Nicaragua.  With Vitacost, you can order all your favorite products that you use in the United States at the very best prices and they will mail you a package by DHL ground shipping to your house here in Nicaragua for $9.99.  

You can read about my favorite products that I order about every 8 weeks here and also how easy it is to make an order online and how to pick it up at your local post office (for me that’s Granada but I have also ordered care packages to remote Somoto, Nicaragua, as well for three years).

The Children’s Place

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My other favorite online retailer is The Children’s Place for all of Aiden’s clothes and school uniform apparel.  My preference is to buy his clothes right before I fly into the United States to meet me at any house or hotel at which we are staying.

I also order his clothes directly from the website to be sent to Nicaragua when I need clothes right away.  The website has the option of prepaying for the customs duties for the clothes at the time of purchase so that there are no mysterious fees to pay when it arrives.

Magicjack Go, your American phone number in Nicaragua!

Granada, Nicaragua, Travel, Family, United States phone number,I highly recommend that you grab a Magicjack Go device before you head out to Nicaragua. This small, simple piece of technology gives you an American phone number (with any area code you choose) that plugs into your computer or any Internet modem. Voila! If your Magicjack Go is plugged into your modem, even if your laptop is off, your American house phone number will ring!

No company can tell that this phone number is connected with a digital service.  For four years no matter where I have moved in Nicaragua, I have had a constant American home phone number where friends, family and businesses can reach me (very useful particularly with banks).

When you own the device you can download a Magicjack Go app for your phone so that your Nicaraguan cellphone can receive calls made to your Magicjack Go US phone number, also. The first year of calls is free when you purchase the Magicjack Go device.  The second year there is a $30 annual fee for unlimited local and national calls within the US and Canada (your calls to the US with your Magicjack Go American number will be considered national).

Amazon Prime Membership

Even when you live abroad, Amazon Prime is a steal of a deal.  For $99 a year ($8.25 a month), you receive unlimited access to great movies and television. Programs created by Amazon like Gortimer Gibbon’s Life on Normal Street and Just Add Magic for tweens are worth the membership alone (not to mention all the superb adult programming; if you haven’t yet got into Downton Abbey here’s your chance!).

Amazon Prime offers free shipping on Prime products within the United States that you will use at some point, even if you don’t live in the US.  If you visit the US you will use your Amazon Prime shipping to mass mail everything you have been missing in Nicaragua to carry back with you on your return trip to Granada.  You can even mail any package to a hotel at which you will be staying and they will hold the items for you.

Or if know of someone in Granada who is visiting the US, you can ship some needed items to wherever they will be at so that they can bring it back for you. Carrying items back for friends and associates is a pay-it-forward courtesy that is greatly appreciated in Granada!

You can sign up for a month’s free trial to see if you like what’s on offer and cancel if it’s not the right value proposition for you.  But will you have finished six seasons of Downton Abbey by then?

Note: To watch some of the Amazon Prime programming you will have to add an application to your computer’s browser that changes your IP address to a US location. See ZenMate below.

We use ZenMate to change our Nicaraguan IP address to an American IP address.

A United States IP address is useful for watching Amazon Prime Video, accessing banking services and American-based credit card applications (that a wink going out to my miles and points friends).  It is a simple application that sits on your toolbar that you can toggle on and off as needed.