Heads up! Spanish immersion camps for kids in Granada, Nicaragua starts June 19, 2017!

Granada, Nicaragua, Family, kids, things to do, recreation, schools, travel, bilingual, immersion, Spanish, sportsA great way for new kids to meet other kids from Nicaragua and all over the world is to attend youth summer camp for a week in Granada, Nicaragua. Camp at Sacuanjoche International School is a lot of fun and my son Aiden really enjoyed attending four weeks of camp last year before he enrolled full time at Sacuanjoche.

If you plan on enrolling your child in Sacuanjoche International School (the school year begins August 17, 2017) these camps are a easy way to help your kids get to know some of the full time student body that are still here in June.

Last year Aiden met a lot of kids, some of whom were visiting and some who attend Sacuanjoche school year round like he does now and he established some good friendships at camp that gave him some confidence going into the regular academic school year. 

Diverse, multicultural environment

Sacuanjoche International School, Granada, Nicaragua, kids, travel, bilingual school, Spanish, English, immersion, kids, familyAll the instructors are bilingual and are really talented at bringing together the different kids with different backgrounds, ages and native languages.

Three hours will go by quickly each day, and it is a really memorable experience for kids to be playful and social in another country.  The cost per week is $25, which includes any needed materials and a snack, which usually consists of juice and crackers or fruits.

The camps are mainly held at Sacuanjoche International School on Calle Consulado (from Xalteva church, 1 block north and ½ blocks west).

Stay tuned for more information about Science Camp Week 2: June 26-30, Painting Camp Week 3: July 3-7, and Arts & Crafts Camp Week 4: July 10-14 in the following weeks.

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