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A look into our lives in Granada, Nicaragua

Kelly & Aiden

People often ask our family about our experiences living in Granada, Nicaragua.  Friends, family and fellow travelers want to know what it is like, are we satisfied with our move, and how do we fill our days?

I want this blog be a place to gather our knowledge and experiences to share with folks who may want to leave it all behind to reconnect with themselves, their dreams and the people they care about.

If our family and all the other families around us here in Granada (more and more are coming each month!) can pack it up and move to Nicaragua for a summer or forever, your family can, too. I sincerely hope that these posts will help you figure out if it is right for you and how you can customize the best trip for the people who matter most to you.

I am committed to providing the very best advice that I have accumulated since 2003 to help your family have a successful Nicaraguan immersion experience.

natural reserve, granada, nicaragua kids hike
Aiden and I hiking Mombacho Volcano.  Your kids will love this trip!

If you’re new to Granada Family Living and are and are beginning to mentally navigate your way here check out these articles:

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Feel free to hangout and browse and ask questions as you go!