Parasites in Paradise! What to do when your kids get sick traveling in Nicaragua.

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There may come a time during your travels in Nicaragua when you become aware that your child has developed an uncomfortable digestive condition or you merely wonder if he might have picked up parasites somewhere because of all the adventuring that your family has been doing outside of your home country. Continue reading “Parasites in Paradise! What to do when your kids get sick traveling in Nicaragua.”

You’re in charge. Simple healthcare in Nicaragua.

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Healthcare without insurance

When you get sick in Nicaragua you will experience what it was like in the era that predates insurance companies.  During your time in Nicaragua you can glimpse for yourself a life where people can manage to pay out of pocket for their medical care expenses by having any modest savings or income.

While there do exist a few insurance companies in Nicaragua they are largely connected to an employment plan or a private hospital.   Most Nicaraguans do not have health insurance, nor do they need it.  What does this mean for you as an expat in Nicaragua?

You will have direct personal access to doctors, laboratories, pharmacies and hospitals that you would never dream of having back in your home country.  You will pay them directly and you will be the intermediary between all of these parties.  It will be inexpensive and liberating to see how a system works when the system gets out of the way.

I will give you an example to show you how accessible and unbureaucratic Nicaraguan health care really is. Continue reading “You’re in charge. Simple healthcare in Nicaragua.”